Leather work

We work with the most beautiful French and Italian tanneries to respect the natural product that is leather. Unless otherwise requested, we expressly use only first choice leathers, natural grain and full grain. This selection allows us to minimize waste and keep a full resistance.
We know how to propose you products available in a short time with a large choice of colors.

Cordoba leather

Painted cordovan leather

Cordoba leather - Daisy motif

Cordoba leather

We make Cordoba leather panels for walls, ceilings, headboards, chairs and even floors.

Historically, Cordoba leathers come from a technique mastered by the city of Ghadames in Libya (hence the name guadamacile), which had made its specialty for a long time, and which was imported by the Moors under the Caliphate of Cordoba. But this type of leather is even older and dates back to antiquity.

Cordovan leather with geometric pattern

Cordoba leather - Geometric pattern

black reconstituted leather with geometrical patterns

Reconstituted leather

We can also offer you reconstituted leather, which is made of leather powder and natural latex. This is an extraordinary material that combines the properties of leather with the qualities of a recycled product.

Our other materials

Brown stingray leather

Parchment & shagreen