Our original trades are sheathing, gilding and embossing on leather to produce panels of the Cordoba leather type but also much more contemporary embossing.

Haute Gainerie

True craftsmen, our sheath makers, leather workers, gilders and furniture saddlers have mastered an exceptional know-how recognised by the Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, awarded by the French government (since 2007 and renewed 3 times).

Fake leather book

Fake leather book


Sheathing is applying a flexible material by gluing it to a surface. Thus we sheath leather or fabric on boxes, furniture, floors, walls and other panels of all shapes and sizes.

Our techniques can be applied to any type of support: starred restaurants have sheathed menus and some palaces have opted for walls of fake books that we make to measure. Several beautiful Parisian boutiques have staircase banisters sheathed by the Maison Fey.

In a completely different field, we create exceptional furniture, custom-made cases for the greatest jewellers and watchmakers; and recently, we created bars covered in stone leaf which combine the beauty of stone with the lightness of leaf.

Maison Fey is also the specialist in office leather sheathing, furniture sheathing and general object sheathing.

Marking & Gilding on leather

We use the roller and the embossing machine to make a relief marking. This is called tone on tone, i.e. without colour. The material is just "engraved". To make a coloured or gold marking, a gold or coloured film must be inserted between the leather and the tool. The colour appears on the leather by transfer.

Gold embossing on book

Fake book cover with gold stamping

Cordovan leather embossing

Embossed Cordoba leather


Embossing is a technique for creating relief shapes in paper or other deformable material. Afterwards, we can either leave this relief neutral or paint it. To make an embossing, we have shapes on so-called embossing plates which we can make to order or use existing plates.

We take care of all the manufacturing steps: embossing, assembly by joints, hand painting of the background and the reliefs and if necessary protective varnish.

We make Cordoba leather panels for walls, ceilings, headboards, chairs and even floors. This ancient technique can be applied to leather, stone sheet, or even wood sheet.

Maison Fey has about fifty embossing plates in classic or contemporary style. We can also engrave your design on a plate if you wish to have an exclusive model.

Painting on leather by sophie bohrt

Design: Sophie Bohrt

Painting on leather

Leather painting is done in-house by our colourists. We make our own colours by mixing specific aqueous pigments with leather. This way we get as close as possible to the Pantone reference.

The painting of the leather is usually done in Cordoba leather panels. If it is a coloured background that is desired, then the colour is applied with a spray gun. If it is the reliefs that are to be painted, this is done by hand with a brush. This is a long and extremely meticulous process.

Embroidery on Cordoba leather

Embroidered Cordoba leather

Embroidery on leather

To bring out the relief of its Cordoba leathers even more, Maison Fey had the idea of embroidering them by hand or by machine. This embroidery enhances the leather and makes it totally personal. Depending on your project and your budget, we will be able to offer you the embroidery that will magnify your work.

Restoration of leather objects

We restore or re-create leather-covered boxes, armchair covers, clock or alarm clock cases, antique book edges and covers, furniture...

Maison Fey is a specialist in the restoration of antique objects, trunk restoration and upholstery of antique furniture in general.

Restoration of leather seats
restoration of old trunks
leather trunk restoration
Our design office
Analysis and study of a project, precision of technical drawings, development... the Maison Fey design office provides its clients, interior architects and designers with a tailor-made service perfectly adapted to their expectations.